Behind the Seams: The Sustainable Journey of Your Hermans Shorts and Pants

At Hermans, we believe that comfort and style shouldn't come at a cost to the environment or those who create your clothes. Here's a peek into how we bring our pieces to life, prioritizing sustainability every step of the way.

Step 1: The Heart of It All – Organic Seersucker Cotton

The cornerstone of our products is 100% organic seersucker cotton. Here's why we chose this fabric:

  • Soft on You, Soft on the Planet: Organically grown cotton means no harmful pesticides or chemicals, protecting both your skin and the environment.
  • Breathable Luxury: The distinctive texture of seersucker cotton is naturally lightweight and airy, offering unmatched comfort.
  • Built to Last: Organic cotton is known for its durability, ensuring your Hermans pieces become well-loved favorites for years to come helping to reduce clothing waste.

Step 2: Conscious Sourcing

We carefully select our organic cotton suppliers, ensuring they meet rigorous environmental and social responsibility standards. This commitment to transparency helps us make choices we can feel good about.

Step 3: Thoughtful Manufacturing in a SEDEX-approved Factory

Our manufacturing partner is a SEDEX-approved factory. What does this mean?

  • Fair Wages and Safe Conditions: SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) is a leading organization ensuring ethical and responsible practices in global supply chains.
  • Minimizing Environmental Impact: Our partner focuses on reducing waste, conserving energy, and managing resources responsibly.

Step 4: Limited Runs for a Sustainable Approach

We intentionally produce our shorts and pants in limited runs. This helps us prevent overproduction and reduces potential waste, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.

The Hermans Difference

We believe choosing comfort doesn't have to mean compromising your values.  Every time you slip into your Hermans pieces, you're making a choice for:

  • Skin-friendly, sustainable materials
  • Ethical production practices
  • Reducing the environmental impact of the fashion industry

Join the conscious comfort movement with Hermans!